Saturday, April 4, 2009


WARNING! Don't take Dustin anywhere unless you are prepared to be embarrassed. We went to the grocery store the other day and I got on the first aisle of the frozen food section which also houses toilet paper and paper towels. While I was looking over some frozen foods, I heard Dusty call out my name. "Ronda" he said, "look". Afraid to do so I turned around just to make sure he wasn't in any kind of mischief. Do you remember the Charmine commercial with the bears playing football and the slogan was no pieces left behind?Well this was a piece that I wish I could have left at home. When I turned around Dusty was standing there with a big pack of Charmine holding it at his butt rubbing it up and down his hinny and yelling, "Let's see if it leaves pieces behind"! I wanted to hide. I turned and started walking toward the front of the store. He followed close behind and let me tell you something he don't forget anything. I mean it was Chatty Cathy all over the place. He did not shut up about that one little incident the whole time we were in the store. And he talked so loud that other people heard the conversation.

Well if that wasn't enough, we went to O'Charleys last weekend. The first thing he said to the waitress was, "You know why Obama would drive a PONTIAC"? And of course the waitress asked why and he told her before I could scream his name out. "Dusty NO"!!! I again wanted to crawl under the table. He had not been up long and his meds hadn't kicked in. I was devastated. Now folks...I did not teach him this, but I never appreciated the coloring crayon they give in most restaurants until now. When the person sitting in the booth beside us turned around, I conveniently drop one of the crayons on the floor just so I could think "Oops! And bent over to pick it up just so he didn't see my face. Now if you don't know the acronym that the name PONTIAC has adopted then ask someone. I prefer that people who tell this use the correct word for the letter N and not the one that offends people.

Now get this story. Blake took Dustin to the convenience store one day and there was a lady from India there. Now remember because of religious beliefs they have a symbol placed on their foreheads. Well Blake and Dusty were standing in line and Dusty was doing his usual touchy feeling everything when he looked up at the woman and notice the symbol on her forehead between her eyes and said, " hey lady, did you know that you have a spot on your head"? Embarrassed or trying to hide the laughter Blake turned his head. The woman looked down at Dusty and politely told him that it was a religious symbol. Dusty not knowing what she meant, looked at the woman and said, "Oh, I didn't know that. But you still have a spot on your head".

So there you have some of what we go through. But all in all, I love this little fellow. There is never a dull moment around him and he lives in his own little reality show. Still, I know I couldn't live without him. I asked God for patience one day...long...long ....long time ago....Guess what? He has answered my prayer. Just didn't think at all that it would be Dusty. Be careful what you ask for....from will come in a way you don't expect,,but you are expected to preform in the way you asked for the may not be pleasant and it certainly won't be what you thought you were asking for... I don't by any means regret having Dustin...I just wish things were different...God Bless...

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