Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dusty's Report Card

Dusty got his report card yesterday. I was so excited to see that his Social Studies grade came up from a D to a C, however, I was disappointed in the teacher for not making some kind of comment. I mean Dusty has struggled this year trying to keep his grades and deal with the death of his mother. You would think that the teacher would have wanted to say something like "Good Job, keep up the good work". But no, nothing, nada, zilch. It amazing me that knowing Dusty's situation the way Mr. Phillips does he would want to congratulate him.

But Dusty lied about having his report card. Wrong thing to do since his uncle VJ was here. Once I got it out of him that he did have his report card, we later learned that the letter grades that were penciled in were done by him instead of the teacher like he originally said. His uncle was nevertheless unhappy with him and Dusty ended up getting a butt whopping and now he has until Sunday night to write the definition of responsibilty 100 times. If he don't get it done before VJ gets here, I'm leaving the house. Dusty later wrote me and VJ this letter

Dear Aunt Ronda and Uncle VJ

Sorry for disappointing you on Friday night. I love you and trust you. I have your love, but your trust I'll have to earn back.

Your nephew
Dustin Mayfield

PS: Nobody told me to do this.

Of course they didn't little man. You have to write the definition of responsibilty 100 times. I'd suck up too. But you're still writing the definitions. Apology accepted...I love you.

This letter is available for review by anyone that wants to review it..

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