Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pomer Pups by Dustin

The neighbors got new pomeranians pupies 1 month ago. I was the first one they got use too. The neighbors got 2 pups a boy who is the youngest and a girl. The boy is named Charlie, I call him O'Charles for short, not only the youngest, but he is the most paranoid too. The girl is named Lola, I call her Lo for short, she is the wildest and the sweetest one. The pomeranians our neighbors got are the blonde & white kind. The pups are very very very fluffy. Lola doesn't like other dogs to come around. The reason I call the pups those short names, well let me explain it. I call Lola, Lo for short is because she's lovely, loose, and lost. The reason I call Charlie, O'Charles for short is because the old way of saying the name Charlie was Charles, old + Charles/Charlie = O'Charles, how I did that word math is because the O in old and the old way of saying the name Charlie was Charles," O'Charles". That and the place O'Charley's minus the y' equals O'Charles and/or odd and confused, plus his name Charlie. The reason our neighbors got Charlie and Lola is because a german sheperd got a hold of their previous pomeranian Sadie or sade for short, (NOTE: I didn't come up with that short name for Sadie, our neighbors did.). The neighbors took Sadie to the vet. The vet said that Sadie wasn't going to make it because of internal bleeding. The neighbors burried Sadie deep near the river in their backyard. Sadie was a black & brown pomeranian. I'm helping the neighbors out by helping them train the pups.

P.S.: The reason I named the title Pomer Pups is because it's short for pomeranian pupies.

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