Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Dogs have horoscopes and the plants have names

Now if you ever want to know what goes on in Dusty's mind, try living with him. I mean it's a never ending story with this kid. His imagination is so out there. But with a child whose mentality challenged in some ways. He's smart. There no doubt about it but some of the stories that he comes up with.

Dusty came into the room this morning and of all the crazy stories he can come up with this one is the best..He's been reading the horoscopes in the paper. Why? I don't know but this morning he told me that Tiki, our dog, was a Virgo. When I asked him why he said "because she could put up a good fight but getting people to listen to her would be hard". Heck that sounds like me. He's been out of school this week and he is in full mode. But all in all he's been pretty good. His stories though are out of this world.

Now the plants have names. I took him to Lowes so he could buy himself a Venus Flytrap. Blake bought a small one over the weekend and Dusty feel in love with it. But he wanted a bigger one. So he took his allowance that he gets every month and we took off to Lowes. He was very well behaved and said hello to everyone he met. But greeting the store clerk was somewhat different. He said, "hey you, you got any Venus Fly traps. I know you do because my aunts boyfriend bought one here". He was so funny. The store clerk, a handsome young looking black man chuckled and said, "Well I don't know let's go see". So the young man lead us out of the garden center to the inside wall of the store. He bent down and started looking at the assorted sized Venus Flytrap and asked Dusty, "Is this what you're wanting"? Dusty replied, "Yep'. Well the young man help Dusty pick out the best plant that they could find. A big one. But in my opinion it looked sick.

Well Dusty paid for his plant and we headed back home. He immediately started looking for bugs to feed to the trap. He must have played outside in the dirt the rest of the evening just looking for some insects. Even tore up my landscaping timbers looking for worms. I remember telling him that the trap was a plant not a fish, but he thought it was funny to pour salt on them just to watch them, what was his words, "blow up".

Later he brought his aloe plant into the room and said he was giving both plants a name. So the aloe plant's name is now Al, imagine that. Wonder how he came up with a name like that? And the Venus flytrap should be addressed as TrapperV. Oh Lord in Heaven, please have mercy on me.

But to love Dusty is to know him. Not only because he is family but because he is a unique little boy. He'll talk you to death but some of the things that comes out of his head and out through his mouth leaves you looking at each other and shaking your head just to end up chuckling.

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