Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blake Cannon by Dusty

My aunts friend is a very good man. He drives a 57 model Chevolet truck; it runs too. He calls it Olde Mayonaise Truck because it's mayonaise white. Blake is my father figure, he has two dogs named Blue and Jenny Ann. Jenny Ann isn't actually his dog he shares it with my aunt Ronda. Blake and Ronda named her Jenny Ann after Blakes dog that died 11 years ago, her name was Becky Ann. Blake also had a cat that died 1 year ago. Blakes cat was named Lamont. Blakes father Richard Cannon was a Sherriff Deputy Major of Catawba County. Richard Cannon died 1996, two months before I was born. Blakes mom Phyllis Blake Cannon has a maltese that can't see and can barely hear. Ms.Phyillis has a big house you would think she's rich but she's not. She just got a lot of money after her husband died and she had the house built. Okay back to Blakes life now. Blake has 3 friends I know of Tim, Gary, and Marty. Blake and his friends are big rednecks. Hams is where he meets his friends the most. It all comes down to this, Blake had a tough life. Before I go, Blake works at Unifour Fire & Safety. Bye.

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